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Dunedin does sell out of accommodation and there is a lot happening here in February. Below are a list of providers who we have been in contact with and are holding spaces or have great rates for dancers coming from out of town.

Please contact directly

Reach out to the providers below either by phone or email. 

By contacting them directly, your hosts will find the best price they can for you. When you skip the big companies in the middle, you're helping a local business catch its breath.


We recommend:

Portobello Village Tourist Park

Located in the beautiful seaside suburb of Portobello. Suitable for our friends with campervans, caravans or other vehicle.

25 minute coastal drive to the venue.

Bella Vista Mosgiel

Space held for dancers.

Mention DLDG when booking.

Commodore Motels

Alcala Motels

Have kindly kept 10 rooms available for dancers.

Mention DLDG when booking.

Distinction Hotel

Mention DLDG when booking.

Dunedin Holiday Park

Bonnie Knights

Space held for dancers.

Mention DLDG when booking.

Leisure Lodge

Mention DLDG when booking.

Ebb - Dunedin


Home Stays

Some local dancers are offering up their homes, or rooms in their homes for those joining us. We are working out the safest way to do this, but please get in touch via email if this is something that you would be interested in. 

Currently there is an offer of a lovely 4 bedroom home in Mosgiel that can house 8 people over the weekend. $100.00 per person per night. 

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